Groups and Schools


These programmes recognise that Outdoor Learning, with its focus on personal engagement and responsibility, allows those of all ages to take part in the learning process through first-hand experience in the outdoors. By offering challenging and stimulating experiences, we aim to connect learners with themselves, each other and their natural environment. Speak to our instructors and through partnership with your educational educational establishment, youth club, organisation or project, we can plan and deliver a course of activity that meets the needs of you and your group.

The staff at Outdoor Education Fife are committed to providing the most positive and meaningful experience for your group. The aspirations of Curriculum for Excellence in its broadest sense is reflected in the planning and delivery of our programmes.

We also use Natural Connections our own awards based Outdoor Learning Programme which encourages and rewards commitment, effort and enthusiasm. 

For staff and volunteers who are interested in outdoor learning we offer the Taking Learning Outdoors training day.

For more information click on Training Brochure below.

Outdoor Education Fife Brochure 2017