Natural Connections balances six different outdoor experiences:

Discovering nature
Understanding the natural world
Finding out about the landscape, plants, birds, animals, insects, fish, trees. Seeing
how nature works and how humans can affect it. Exploring how we feel about the
natural world and what place it has in our lives.
Working together
Teamwork and group activities
Looking at how to do things together, understanding what other people need,
learning to share ideas and make decisions together. Working as a team, solving
problems, learning about give and take.
Adventure skills
Taking part in outdoor adventure activities
Developing new skills and working to improve them, challenging ourselves, finding
out what we can do, getting new perspectives and feeling the thrill of success.
Finding your way
Learning to navigate and use maps
Understanding how we find our way around our world. Learning to interpret maps
and directions, identifying features that help us know where we are and where we
are going.
Travelling under your own power
Making our way together through the natural world, reaching the parts that planes,
trains and cars can’t reach. Sharing the ups and downs, the sunshine and the
Helping the environment
Practical work to help the environment
Acting to protect the environment by carrying out a practical conservation project,
an environmental survey or work to help an endangered biodiversity species.
Making connections
Looking back, moving forward
Looking back at all your different Natural Connections experiences, showing the
connections between the different elements, between yourself, other people and the
natural world. Exploring the links between Natural Connections and your every-day